Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Eighteenth

Yesterday morning Steve was on his way out the door. I was opening the kitchen window to let in the cool Fall breezes, when I noticed water dripping from the cantilevered part of our house that is actually our master bathroom. My optimistic mind tried to say the sprinklers must have hit the house while my logical mind stepped in to say the sprinklers are nowhere near the second story. "Steve?" I said, "Will you come look at this?" He finished putting on his shoes and took a closer look outside, while I took a closer look under our bathroom sink. It was soaking wet. And the water? A steady drip-almost-flow down the outside of our house. For the first second third time now, in under a year, he hurried downstairs to turn off the water. When he came back up he calmly explained who I'd need to call,  the numbers they'd ask for, and how to turn the water back on, should the opportunity present itself. And then with a goodbye he hurried off to the meeting he'd been trying to make before our house exploded. 

After work he fixed the cause of the leak. And then played with our pirates. And after the pirates were fast asleep he washed all the dishes. And now, today is his birthday. And I officially love him more than I ever have in my entire life. Not because of the dishes... thats a cherry on top. And not because of his calm and collected nature... that tends to balance my own. And not because of his good looks... he's quite the handsome husband. 

But after eight years filled with more life than I could have ever imagined... 
I honestly look forward to more. 



  1. What a day! Glad it's all fixed up! Happy birthday brother :)

  2. Yay! So sorry about the house but so glad you have Steve around! Happy Birthday and eat lots of cake, or cookies, or whatever you want.