Monday, May 7, 2012

Full to the brim.

Our Friday - Sunday was filled with buckets:
circled, rectangular-ed, tin.
And by the time our weekend was over
I needed one more to begin.

It started off well on Friday, 
but Enrique complained of an ache. 
I gave him medicine, it seemed he felt better
I was sure we'd caught a break. 

But Saturday morning came early, 
and Enrique felt mostly just yuck
I kept that rectangle bucket close- 
just in case Friday had used all my luck.

And then Sunday came, our Sabbath day
where I awoke frantically searching, 
for that circle bucket I just couldn't find
in time to hold all of the lurching... 

The rest of the day was quite the blur, 
filled with buckets, buckets and laundry. 
But the blur became a tornado, 
When I found a wet-socked quandary. 

In the basement we have a guest room
my socked-feet hardly ever go in...
In the basement we have a valve with a leak... 
...Say hello to our last bucket: tin.

Within minutes we'd filled the bottom portion, 
with liquid, so clean! so clear! 
If it hadn't been soaking our freshly laid carpet, 
I might not have shed a tear.   

With no time to waste I took our boy to the doctor,
Steve took to the phone all day.
And when we returned with pink medicine 
Restoration! was well underway.

By Sunday night we'd sorted it through,
our Enriqueboy felt so much better, 
We'd fixed the leaks in both valve and boy, 
And the carpet's now drier- not wetter.

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  1. enter my worst mothering nightmare. Happy Monday!!!