Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter dollars.

On Friday I had errands to run at Walmart. I'd planned it to be short because we just recently changed Em's carseat, which complicates things. She's usually strapped in an infant seat, all nice and cozy - and because of it, she has yet to learn cart etiquette. (She throws things out, scoots Squísh to the uncomfortable corner by the folding seat and hangs over the edge when she see's anything. It's adorable, but makes it almost impossible for me to look away.) By the time we neared the checkouts, Em was almost done and Squísh was showing off her ability to form an opinion. On everything. It wasn't our finest trip. But then we saw all the cheap spring gear: baseball bats, frisbees, shovels, jump ropes and chalk. It was the chalk that drew me in. 

We're connoisseurs of chalk. Not all chalk is worth it, but I love the boxes of bright colors. (And they're usually not cheap.) We fly through them in the summer, making roads, parking lots, gardens, houses, scooter courses...

But Walmart had a box of fifty two, brightly colored pieces of chalk. For under five dollars! 

We bought a box. And it made me think of summer.   

But then Saturday and Sunday were rrrreally warm!

 And even though it's just now beginning February, it felt like Spring! Squísh and Robs opened the new box of fifty two pieces and drew us an ice castle. To compensate for our lack of snow. 

Five winter dollars well spent.


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