Wednesday, February 4, 2015

her first steps

(My baby Squísh in 2012 / and my baby Em in 2015.)

Em took her first steps on Monday! My visiting teachers were in the front room, and Em was leaning against the chair where I was sitting. But she saw the piano and wanted to play, so she took a step... We were mid conversation - and I gasped "That's her first one!" She plopped down. But turned and looked at me, smiled, and then stood up and did it again! Her first and second steps! I wanted to dance and cry. All at once. These milestones catch me off guard. 

Em's little steps were in the very same place I remember helping Squísh learn to walk. (AND I SWEAR IT WAS YESTERDAY!) It's so odd... to live in one place for long enough that I have vivid memories of two babies. Not only vivid memories... but similar pictures, in similar stages! 

(Will everything puh-lease slow down?)


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