Monday, January 5, 2015

we're back to real life.

We had such a fun Christmas Break! But this morning, our life goes back to normal. Yesterday Erik admitted he was pretty excited to see his teacher and friends, but told me he didn't look forward to the busy morning. He likes to play in the morning - it's the only time during his day where he doesn't feel the need to be moving about or highly involved in something. (It's genetic and he got it from your's truly. After talking to my aunt last week, I learned we call it our 'German Efficiency' and the term is so spot-on.) This is the first year I heard Robs express that she "doesn't want to go back!" (But I think mostly it's because that's what she's heard everyone else saying... ) I can tell she's still pretty excited to start again.

Last night Steve was putting three of our pirates to bed. He talked with them about their goals for this year... and then texted me with the results. I loved them. There are some that I haven't listed... but  on her short list, Robs wanted to read at least one book a week, do more art, and go to California. Erik wanted to learn how to do a back flip, learn more tricks on his BMX and go to the beach. And my darling Squísh, wanted to see dolphins and bunnies.

I laughed out loud. I love these pirates.

My goals this year are pretty simple. I want to be more patient with my family. I want to build more confidence in who I am and what I do. I want to put scriptures in my daily life. And I want to have Family Home Evening. Every. Single. Week. All fifty two of them. I'm pretty excited. 

I want this year to be great. I want it to bring change, and fresh perspective. I'm pretty sure it's a human situation, but there are little things that slow me down. Little insecurities that balloon into great big issues when I don't focus on weeding them out. I have to work on them daily.

Patience, confidence, scriptures, and a renewed focus on the individuals that matter the very most in my life... should be a good start.  Here's to the first Monday of the year! 


  1. Oh no. Your kids are double dosed. German efficiency runs on this side too. ;) Oh yeah and what did she call those large personalities? I'm pretty sure we have those as well. ;) I like your goals. I'm still working on that a bad sign?