Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Time passes so fast! Back in 2009 I posted a picture almost identical to that top photo. It represented four generations of women - and it's always been one of my favorites. But last week in St. George, after surprising my grandma on her doorstep, we took another four generation photo. Because they're so fun. 

But looking at it gives me all sorts of mixed emotions. I put my heart and soul into these pirates. Quite literally. My work and my glory type of thing, and then they have the audacity to grow up. If I close my eyes, it doesn't even take more than two seconds to remember how it felt to have that sweet, sassy little girl dressed in blue, wiggling on my hip. Things like this stretch my heart strings and strum them like a guitar. Five years later she's just as sweet, and just as sassy, but now she's dressed in her favorite turquoise shirt, and standing almost to my shoulder, but on her own two feet! 

Why do they have to grooow sooo faasst?

Of course my grandma might have been thinking something similar as she put her arm around my mom, who once had me on her hip... Thank goodness for photographs.


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