Friday, January 9, 2015

curly girly

Yesterday at lunch time I was trying to write in all of our calendar events for next week. I have to have two calendars to keep everything straight. (And I still don't keep everything straight.)

Squísh was at the table eating yogurt with bran buds and sprinkles. (It's one of her favorites.) Em was in her chair eating a banana. She was maybe an inch from finishing the whole thing, and I was one event from having next week mapped out - when I heard the banana squishing between her fingers. 

I turned around to see the largest, most impish grin I have ever seen on that darling face. And then she laughed. I've had one other baby that cracked jokes before she could talk. (It was my Squísh and she kept us laughing.) But Em?  She reminds us several times daily that EVERYTHING is hilarious.  

Before I could even put my marker down, Em had applied the banana liberally. Everywhere. Arms. Cheeks. Clothes. Hair. (Not to mention the serving I found beneath her.) It was almost a loaves and fishes type miracle, as I don't think there'd even been enough banana left for that type of coverage. 

I emptied the sink of dishes and plopped her cute little self into warm, clean water. I scrubbed her from head to toe, dried her off, and then as I was getting her dressed - I found more banana in the curls hiding at the back of her head. So we combed it out, and I fluffed her curls for her. Free of charge. I'm so excited to have a curly headed girl.


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