Monday, January 12, 2015

legos + sunday

Yesterday we had a quiet Sunday. Robs and Erik were sick, so we kept them home from church and played legos. (Germs are flying around like they own the place and I didn't want to contribute.) Em loves it when we play legos. (The white and red flowers are her absolute favorite. She tries to sneak them into her mouth. I stop most of them, but every now and then I catch her - and she'll spill out three or four of them. The look on her face is priceless.) Not any of my other pirates were as mouthy as she is! But she loves the bucket of legos even more than she loves those little flowers. She hops in over the side and kicks her legs around until they're covered. When she settles in, she hands us pieces or throws them out by the handful. It's just her thing. So we search for pieces around her. Love that girl.  


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