Wednesday, December 3, 2014


On Sunday we put up our Christmas tree. Robs, who has developed quite an eye for design, helped place the garlands, the silver branches, the icicles and the red bulbs. Squísh played with the nativity and Erik kept us entertained with Christmas carols. (Mostly it was Jolly Ol' Saint Nicholas... but he is now one hundred percent ready for the recital this weekend.) It took a couple of hours - it almost always does. But it was fun! Almost daily I tell my pirates that they are my favorite - and they really are. They make everything we do more involved and give me reason to think about everything from a different angle. When Robs and I sat on the couch to admire our work - she said "I love our Christmas tree, Mom. It's just so..." and then she stuck her arms and hands out at all different angles. 

"Full?" I asked. "Pretty?"

"No..." she said, "it's just so KAPOW."

Which I think is right up there with ZAP and WHAM or BAM. Amen.


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