Tuesday, December 2, 2014

like a boss

Yesterday I packed Robs' lunch for school. (She has a purple lunch box with butterflies and a pink sandwich tuppeware.) Inside I placed: 
  •  a PB&J on whole wheat bread
  •  a juice box
  •  an apple
  •  a bag of goldfish and
  •  a fruit snack

Not the best. Not the worst. Somewhere happily in between. But yesterday, right before dinner, something stirred her memory and she started raving. "MOM! I had the BEST lunch today!" 

It took me by surprise. (It must have been the sandwich... cuz it was made with love.) 

"No mom! It was the goldfish! Everyone wanted 'em. I didn't even touch my sandwich - it's still in the bag. And everyone wanted the fruit snacks too..."

Apparently there are some pretty good deals and apparently my girl can barter. She started with a couple goldfish and scored a piece of pizza. But then she worked another deal with a couple more goldfish and earned herself another piece of pizza. (A grand total of two.) The fruit snacks got her chocolate milk... and if I remember right she also finagled herself a cookie. Add a juice box, an apple, and a sandwich for just in case - and BAM that's a great lunch.

Color me impressed. Color me double impressed... cause these deals only go down when the lunch ladies aren't looking. 

Hilarity. I love that girl.


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