Monday, December 1, 2014

it's a lovely day

We were eating lunch on Friday, when we saw the horses up close to the fence. Robs had her lunch finished, carrots in a bag and her horse-loving self out the door before I could even get ready to go outside. (I watched her pink shoes fly across the park from the kitchen window. And then I watched Squísh's horse-loving self follow only a minute later.) I love these pirates.

On Saturday afternoon, my sisters and my dad called up to see if we wanted to go ride bikes and play tennis at the junior high. I love tennis, and try to never turn down an opportunity like that... ever. So I raced to get our lawn mowed and the leaves cleaned up - and then the pirates and I spent the rest of the most gorgeous November afternoon, playing outside. In short sleeve shirts!

My sisters found four adorable kittens living under one of the portable classrooms. They were poofy-gray-haired-blue-eyed wild little things, and Squísh was beside herself with glee. My Squísh wants a pet... and insists any pet will do. (But then tells me how a baby dolphin would fill all of her dreamiest dreams.) Happy December!


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