Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Steve's family this year - and it was everything we wanted it to be. Delicious food. Football. Cousins. Family. Mini salt and pepper shakers at every place setting... Steve's mom is so good at these things. I say this almost every holiday - but after a lifetime of having almost no extended family around for holidays - it thrills me to have my pirates playing with cousins, talking to aunts and uncles, and making these kinds of memories. Being able to thank their grandma for a delicious meal? We're living the dream!

I am so grateful for so much, and a good majority of it centers around this family of mine. After our meal, I wrangled the pirates into taking a picture with me. (They do not love pictures the same way I do.) Steve was shoeless, Robs was rollerblading, Erik was in the middle of a game, Squísh was watching a roly-poly bug she'd just found (named Brooklyn), and Em was chewing on a spoon. It's a crazy one - but it's real. 

I'm grateful for this life: everything it is, everything it entails, and all the family that comes with it. 


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