Friday, December 12, 2014

Robs' Recital!

Thursday was Robs' recital! She followed me around the house yesterday afternoon... telling me how she was nervous, how she wasn't sure about her solo routine, and how she didn't want to do it. But an hour before, we curled her hair, glammed her up in a black leotard and tights - and I could see a little sparkle in her eye. She still told me she was nervous, but I could tell she was excited too.

And she so was. We got to the studio, and she happily joined the gaggle of squealing girls. They donned their outfits together, warmed up, and then danced their little hearts out. I was so proud. For her solo, she did a kick, a spin, and dropped down into the splits. I was so surprised! I couldn't have been more proud. She did a little curtsy as everyone clapped, and then ran back to sit with the other girls. She caught my eye. I could tell she was proud of herself too.

On the way home we discussed the difference between bragging, and being proud of the good things we do. At eight years old, sometimes that's a difficult line to find. Especially right now, with social media the way it is, along with the political climate. Although she's not involved in any of that, it filters down and has an effect on every part of our society. Elementary School included. But I hope it made some sense. I wanted her to know how important it is that we chase after the things that make us proud, and put effort into opportunities that we know will make us happy.


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