Monday, December 15, 2014

potential and kinetic

Yesterday Erik found a giant exercise ball in my mom's basement. He brought it upstairs, and almost instantly it became the hottest thing since... the last thing everybody wanted. So we took turns. Erik had his turn. Squísh got a turn. Robs got a turn. Erik got another turn. But then Robs and Squísh both wanted another turn at the same time, so we had to work something out. After patiently waiting, it was Squísh's turn again. She and the ball made their way around the room - finally ending at my brother-in-law, where she happily bounced while talking off his ear. Erik came up behind her to ask if he could bounce one more time. She turned around. "No..." she said, "I have five more years on this turn." And then giggled hysterically. 

To say I love this child is one giant understatement.

One of our favorite games starts out with "MOOOOOM? Where are you?" And usually I'm only a few feet away. But the first time I didn't catch on too quick. I said something boring like 
"Right here, Squísh." (I was in the kitchen, she was under the kitchen table.) But then I figured out that I was actually in the Arctic. Playing with Polar Bears. 

And when I asked where she was, I found out she was in the jungle chasing Scarlet Macaws. 

After that I was trying to find my way to the top of a castle that had one thousand steps.
and she was walking her dog at a farm.

We find each other in the oddest places. 

But then sometimes I actually do find her in odd places. Balancing on the tops of chairs, or perched like a spring on the edge of a bed, waiting for me to walk past so she can launch. She waits until I'm there and then squeals "Mom. Never do this at...." (short pause) "CHUUURCH!" And then she tumbles into whatever action she had planned from the start. 

At least the girl knows how and when to behave. I must be doing something right.


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