Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I was a computer-head yesterday. (Squísh let me know late in the afternoon, when she was ready for me to ride bikes. She would have been okay with playing school or making food or anything besides what I was currently doing.) But I had a hu-uge project that needed attention. Today I was an errand-head. Which is better, but only slightly. We bustled through four stores and had to stop at two fast food places. One for a plain cheeseburger, and one for the ketchup I forgot. (Cheeseburgers are inedible unless they have ketchup.) Tomorrow I'm going to be a craft-head, as I try to finish up something else... and then if any other projects come up I'll act like I didn't hear them because I was too busy riding bikes. Or playing school. Or making food. Priorities.

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