Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Last year I saw a string of tiny, tiny lights at Restoration Hardware. I loved them instantly! I debated, over and over... and decided to pass them up because of the price. But I didn't stop thinking about them. For a whole year. Every time I'd get out new decor, I'd think how the lights would look so goooood...

So this year, I found them online and on sale. And I did it. I purchased them! I paired them with clear Christmas bulbs and put them right next to a nativity...

And magic happened.

Hooray for light! I love decorating with light! And I love Christmas! In a month that likes to get dark early, we think of reasons to be happy and help others. We think about our Savior. We celebrate faith and Jesus Christ! We spend time with family, sing more often, and give more attention to the New Testament.

We spend the month decorating our lives with light.


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