Thursday, December 11, 2014

a spinning leapy kind of day

I didn't make my bed yesterday. And I never changed Em out of pajamas. I planned on doing both of those things - right after I finished Squísh's hair. But only minutes after finishing, I got a call from the secretary at school. (Robs had thrown up only forty-five minutes into her day. Poor girl.) I quickly got dressed, and drove to the school. It was so unfortunate, but it was so perfectly timed. Minutes earlier? And Squísh wouldn't have been ready. Minutes later, and we would have been on our way to her dance recital. I called my mom (who was on her way over) to say we'd be a couple minutes late and asked if she'd stay with Robs. She said yes. She's a saint. And then Squísh and I were on our way...

This chickie is a doll. She danced her little heart out, and included a spinning-leaping-solo at the very end. She pointed her toes, held her arms up high, and watched her teacher's every move. I could tell she was really concentrating, when she poked a tiny tongue out of the corner of her mouth. (It's genetic and she gets it from her grandpa.) I loved it from start to finish. Watching her was so. much. fun. 

When we got home, Em needed a nap. I said goodbye to my mother, thanked her for doing the breakfast dishes (She is a saint. Saint, saint, saint!) and put Em down for a nap. Minutes later, I got another call... 

I quickly drove to the school and brought a sick Erik back home.

For the rest of the afternoon Robs and Squísh watched movies or played. Erik slept, and Em followed me around the house as I cleaned, cloroxed and vacuumed everything. We cancelled everything else the day had in store, never stepped a foot outsside, and then at 7:00 in the evening Erik woke up feeling loads better. 

It was such a classic day. Which seems odd to say... but at the end of yesterday I felt so grateful. Grateful for family life. And for such perfect timing. For kind teachers at school. And dance classes. And sisters. And movies. For babies who follow me around. And for all the craziness... because it means we're making it work and we're happy. Amen.

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  1. Could Miss M be any cuter??! And Em's face!! I've never seen that one before. :) Sorry the pirates are sick but glad you had a beautiful day despite it.