Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Em loves Christmas

Em's favorite part of our Christmas Tree is towards the back - where I've tucked the end of the red bead garland. She pulls it from it's hiding place, and gives it a good yank. When I catch her, she pancakes onto the carpet and laughs like a mischievous, blue-eyed imp. It's absolutely adorable. 

Her next favorite part of the tree are the red and pink ornaments right up front. She swats at them as many times as she can and complains loudly when I relocate her to a different room. 

Her third favorite part is the angel on that nativity set. She takes her off her post, and then gives it a good bam to get the music and lights going... 

...and then if I'm not looking she crawls back to find the red beads. 


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