Tuesday, December 9, 2014

my boy.

I think Erik's team won one game this season. And I think it was the first. Every other game had a more coordinated opposing team, or more players, or more points... (Even though no scores were kept.) But Erik was never bugged - not even once. 

One game I tried keeping score from the bleachers. It didn't last long though. The other team was scoring layup-like-points like it was their one purpose on Earth.

During a break I suggested he try some of those closer shots too... (He likes to "go for the three's" and practices them over and over on the hoop in our driveway.)  He paused for a minute and I could tell he was thinking. "Mom," he said, "I like the long shots. They're more fun."

I learned a lesson right then. 

Erik plays basketball because he loves it and he practices those long shots over and over because he's determined to make them. Not because he wants to score more points.

A game is a game. This child has character. 

I love being his mom.


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