Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Saturday began early. (Read into this: Steve is a saint, and perpetually gets up with the pirates in the morning.) They enjoyed their cereal, I finished my beauty sleep - and then we met Steve's sister and her band of boys at the sand dunes. (At our last visit to the dunes, I regretfully wasn't very prepared.) So this time I came armed with three shovels, three buckets and a bouncy ball. 

It was terrible amounts of fun. (Fun fact: Squísh buried the ball somewhere and never dug it up!) But my sister-in-law and her handsome band of boys came armed with slow-mo video. We filmed the jumping, leaping, and diving and then laughed over the playback in all of it's slow-motion glory. Who knew it could be so fun?

Towards the end though, Squísh decided she'd had enough. (I think it had something to do with the sneeze that landed her face in the sand.) She didn't want anything to do with slow-mo video, so she set herself down somewhere comfortable and didn't move until Steve offered her a shoulder ride to the car. (Shoulder rides are a hot commodity.)

At the car though, my pirates realized just how much sand they had in their pants. (tee hee!) We did some serious dusting off (thank heavens for tinted windows and ample trunk space) and then drove to the Black Bear Diner in St. George. The wait was supposed to be around a half an hour, but we were seated in less than two minutes - and in less than ten we had an extra large "bear claw" danish covered in ice cream. (A vacation miracle!) I'm sure our pirates figured their parents had lost it. Erik even said something about "having ice cream before our food!" It was delicious. I couldn't decide what I loved most: the spontaneity of the morning, the last layer of cinnamon/sugar goodness or the looks on our pirates' faces. 

And then, although the day was still somewhat and sorta young we took to the pool. We went swimming at a nearby indoor pool with a water slide. Squísh and I went down at least four times. (I didn't get a single picture.) She went down once with Steve and got half of the pool in her nose because he came off the slide a whole lot faster than I did... secretly, it was hilarious.

We had so much fun... And then after the indoor pool, we came back to grab a snack and swim some more at the condo pool. Dreamy? Yes. My little Robs, who is a fish, declared it the best day of her entire summer. 


  1. I think that was the best day of my entire summer too!!! Equalled only by the lovely day spent in Provo Canyon. I LOVE summer!!! Luckily it won't ever end once this mud pit is finished...

  2. Seriously. You guys are so much fun. And hooray for endless summers and mud pits!