Tuesday, August 5, 2014

only four hours from here!

On Friday we went to St. George after Steve got off work to meet his sister and her family for the weekend. This summer has been a little tense, for a couple different reasons, and I so appreciated a couple of days with lots of fun and plenty of spare time. We drove the four hours with only one quick stop - which made it so easy-breezy. The last time we went to St. George we stayed at a hotel. It was decent, but the AC stopped working and it smelled more like feet than a hotel should. So, bless their hearts, but when we said we were going to St. George - that's what the pirates thought they had in store. (...And they were still excited to go!) When we pulled up to an actual vacation rental, their reactions were so genuinely excited. They ran from room to room several times, and when they saw the pool just outside the balcony they couldn't believe their luck. (Surprising the older three is so dern fun!)


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