Friday, August 15, 2014

Robs' Baptism

I don't think I really have words to adequately describe this day - other than, perrrrfect. But not that regular kind of perfect everyone loves to love... I didn't make the cookies I had planned on making. (I had these adorable sprinkles, and they were going to be so pretty!) And the pictures I'd planned on taking were never actually taken. (On the first attempt I couldn't find my camera battery, and on the second attempt, Robs was so terribly ill.) And I'd planned on being ready at least one day in advance - but I felt like I was still getting ready up until the hour before.

Instead, it was that type of perfect that can't ever be recreated or planned... and it left me talking about it until I finally closed my eyes at midnight. Because underneath all the other plans - I had one goal for Robs' baptism: I wanted her to know how she is incredibly loved. Had the day had a menu, I would have ordered singing angels and sunlight through parted skies.

A couple months ago we were trying to figure out when and where to baptize Robs. We'd planned on baptizing her right after her birthday - but it didn't work. And then another available date came, but it wasn't a good fit either. After what felt like an intense afternoon in July, we finally arranged to baptize Robs on the same day as her cousin. And then it fit! Everything sort of fell into place. On one afternoon, the two cutie pie cousins planned who would give prayers, who would give talks, and each chose a hymn for the baptism.

We talked about it a lot this summer. So, it was a pretty anticipated day - as far as days go. But on the day of, I don't think I have ever felt so proud, or so much love for that sweet little girl of mine. I didn't order them - but I felt those skies open and I got a sense for how much her Heavenly Father loves her. And then as we sang the opening song - I saw that sweet man of mine reach over and grab my Robs' hand. (He felt those skies open too.) 

After the baptism we had a get-together at my mom's house, with all the people who love these two girls. We kept talking until after the sunset, and then watched a slide show of Robs' life. When we finally went home late that evening, after lingering goodbyes, I felt like we'd lived the day right up to the brim. As I helped Robs into bed that night, I could see the happy in her eyes, and it was spilling over. She knows she's loved.

It was a perfect day.


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