Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School!

Erik is going into first grade. Robs is going into third grade. And they're both so excited! On Back-To-School-Night, we met both of their teachers. Robs' teacher has been at the school for a while, and she seems darling. She seems like she'll be a good fit for my Robs. Erik's teacher is new to the school, and found out she had the job on Friday! But both of the teachers seem very nice - and I'm honestly excited for what this school year will bring. First grade means my Erik; the baby I put down maybe once or twice throughout his whole first year and the child I never imagined leaving my side, ever... is going to school full day. I spent the summer trying to prepare myself - but it didn't do any good. The first day crept up on me, like it always does, and left me tightroping between wanting to hold them close and watching them spread their wings. 


  1. Cutie cute cuties!!! I love these little people of yours. But just wait, they don't stay little for long!!! It's bittersweet. I love the teenagers but I miss the days that they liked to curl up in my lap and read a story. Ahhh life, why do you mess with me so?

  2. Ah Christine, I love these first day of school photos! and the shoes! Love, love, love!