Wednesday, July 16, 2014

teething seesters

I saw Em chewing on our countertop this afternoon - and my brain whooshed back to this picture of Squísh doing the same thing to our table in Louisiana. After the pirates went to sleep I searched our photo archives twice through - and had the time of my life. (I love strolling down that lane.) Picture after picture reminded me of all the time I wasn't so worried about perfect everything, and inspired me to give it a rest and enjoy every little thing in my life - even though everyone in dee whole world has vacations and pools and boats. I don't have a vacation this year. I do have a teething baby and she's divine. I don't have a pool. I do have two children who are constantly growing and have learned to swim like fish. (They're seriously fun to watch.) I don't have everything in dee whole world. I do have a Squísh who used to be a teething baby and now is so adorable it pains me to think of her ever, ever growing up. Memory lane is good for me. I'm grateful for these teething babies.

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  1. Oh Stiz! last night I was perusing Facebook and another friend posted that she was expecting... I lamented that "everyone is pregnant but me!!" so I guess if we combined our view of everyone else in the whole world they would all be a pregnant lady vacationing in a boat... and likely seasick from pregnancy and the waves. Good thing we are not everyone else in the world:)