Thursday, July 24, 2014

staycation: day two

The night before Pioneer Day, my mother and I hatched a plan to see the Days of '47 Parade in downtown Salt Lake City. We planned on getting up early to find seats, but instead we stayed up late, woke up late, and got there just in time for the parade to begin. (It turned out to be ideal - because all four pirates were pretty antsy towards the end of it.) I love doing things we don't normally do. 

One thing I liked about living in the south was the strong religious presence in the community. And even though we've been here for nearly three years (how is that possible?) I'm still not used to seeing my own religion in the community! It's silly, but seeing a temple paraded down the street, or President Monson riding in a car still catches me off guard. 

Sometimes, when it comes up in conversation, I try to explain to the pirates how this city is unique (Happy Pioneer Day!) and that usually we are in the religious minority. But I think mostly they were paying attention to the music, the craziness, and the crowd. Utah summers are so much fun! 

After the parade we took naps and played inside to cool down. In the afternoon my best friend Laura dropped by with her own pirates to spend the afternoon playing and catching up. It was so good to see her! (Our friendship was forged and cemented through of our common hatred of roaches. We'll be friends for life.) Recently she moved into my home town - and knows many of the people I knew in high school! Small world!

When we met, Erik was a baby - and her oldest was barely walking. Now they ran around catching bugs and chit-chatting with each other. These pirates grow and change so fast! Happy Pioneer Day!


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