Thursday, July 24, 2014

staycation: day one

Last summer we stayed at my mom's house for a couple weeks whilst our kitchen was exploding. It wasn't planned - but the pirates LOVED it. They love my mom's house. I love my mom's house. I don't know of anyone who doesn't love my mom's house... I think it has something to do with her fairytale backyard, or maybe the endless supply of yummy things to eat, or her imagination that tends to spill into every single corner. 

So at the beginning of the summer, as we were planning things to do - they begged for a staycation. It took us until the end of July to work it all out - but we finally did! On the days leading up to our getaway, the pirates told almost anyone who would listen. Our neighbors heard all about it. Their friends knew our plans. And all three of them had an in depth conversation with the librarian. (By they time they finished the conversation, Erik had her believing his grandma's house was up there with the center of the universe.) (I wish I could have just a portion of that boy's enthusiasm!) 

So when Day One of our official Staycation came - Erik was up at six in the morning. Much to his chagrin, Day One was mostly a regular day. We set up the beds in the room where my pirates sleep, helped my mom with a couple projects, but spent the evening flying through the backyard on swings and played until it was dark. 

Staycation, Day One: Success. 


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