Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break Tuesday!

On Monday I don't think I slept for anything longer than an hour... I had crazy dreams and a fever all night and at six o' clock in the morning the pirates came bouncing in. "ARE WE GOING TO ST. GEORGE? ARE WE GOING TO ST. GEORGE? WHEN ARE WE LEAVING?" I mumbled something and fell back asleep.

I didn't look sick. I didn't sound sick - but my head was spinning, and I could not get out of bed. I tried to mentally pack our bags with all the things we'd need, but trying to put one thought in front of another was impossible. I fell back asleep, and when I woke up at nine o'clock... those blessed, blessed, little pirates had packed themselves.

They'd found an old backpack and an unused bag and filled them with the clothes they figured they'd need. (...socks, pants, shorts, shirts, underwears.) They showed me their bulging bags and I asked for a list of the items they'd packed. We added swimsuits and toothbrushes - and then declared them ready. My brain was so foggy... I thought about checking to see if their outfits coordinated enough, but I decided against it. Steve and I packed for Em and ourselves, put all of our luggage in the trunk, added water bottles - and drove for four hours straight. Em slept the entire way, and by the time we arrived I was feeling a bit better.

The first thing Erikboy noticed was the color on the trees. He pointed it out right away, and my heart leapt. (He's such a love... and finds the greatest things to appreciate.) "MOM!" he said, "there's green leaves on all the trees! We don't have that in Utah!" We were parked outside the hotel and Steve was getting the keys. Robs tried to remind him that St. George is still in Utah - but it fell on deaf ears. He had hopped out of the car and moved his excitement to how warrrrm it was. (I love these pirates.)

We brought in our bags and checked out the room. Hotels are always exciting. Windows! Pens! Notepads! Phones with buttons and cords! Not to mention the elevators! In the elevators, Squísh thought the feeling of going up or down was hilarious. The three pirates came up with an elevator game: as we went down, they'd shrink to the ground and declare themselves a new, younger age. (Squísh was always one.) And when we went up they'd jump and declare a themselves older. (Thirty seven was the oldest I heard.) It was adorable.

After jumping on the beds and admiring the view, we went to get dinner and walk around historic St. George.There is a splash pad in the center of the town, and the pirates were hesitant to stop at first, but when they saw what it was they happily ditched their shoes. We saw a carousel too (right next door), and walked through green grass completely and entirely barefoot. It was warm, soft evening and it was so nice to wander with nowhere to be.

Bu then the pirates remembered the pool. They'd seen it from our hotel room -and planned on swimming before they planned on sleeping. So we went back to the room and changed. Em and I soaked up the sun's evening rays on the side, while the pirates had the time of their lives. We had the whole pool to ourselves. And then, as if it couldn't get any better, we found a three-legged horse that doubled as a diving toy. (Which is good, because my foggy brain hadn't thought to pack anything fun like that.) When the pirates got cold - they jumped from the cold pool into the "warm pool" and then back into the cold pool...  because the warm pool was really, really warm.

When the cold pool got too cold, we went back up to the room to shower and put the pirates to bed. I realized I hadn't thought the sleeping arrangements entirely through. There were two beds and six people. I had to laugh at my foggy, foggy brain... but luckily those darling pirates were willing to be creative. (I love them times one million.) They showered, brushed their teeth, and hopped into the pajamas they'd packed (I'm one blessed, foggy headed mama) and fell asleep perpendicular to how pirates normally sleep. All three lined up in a row.

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  1. Oh your beautiful family! I hope you are feeling better!