Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break Monday!

Last week was Spring Break! And since we have never gone anywhere for Spring Break... ever - I was determined to get out of town. The last week of school I had the pirates wash their hands every single time they came in the door. I sanitized their hands three times more than usual- and when I heard about two diseases 'going around' I prayed and lit a candle. 

We had our trip planned for Tuesday through Thursday.

On Monday I went for a run with Steph. The pirates played all day long, whilst Steph and I talked tile and renovations. (She and my brother just bought a house in Georgia - and it has a pool!) It was gorgeous weather - and such a fun day! 

But around noon I started feeling a little sick. At first I figured it was something I'd eaten, until it slowly kept getting worse. By evening, when we said goodbye to Steph and her littles, my head was pounding. All I could think about was sleeping - and I hadn't started packing anyone. I was so bummed as I fell to sleep thinking about the irony... 

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