Friday, April 11, 2014

so this might have been the fastest week of my life...

Because HOW. IS. IT. FRIDAY? Again? And where did the week go? Somedays, I swear, I want to cross my arms, plant my feet - and refuse to let time move another inch. (As if I could, right? Because time listens even less than a highly selective three year old... )

But we're having so much fun... Last week my brother and his family came into town. We went to a museum on Thursday, and then picked up Erikboy from school. Robs had her first soccer practice and it was cold - but there was warm weather and spring break on the horizon...

And they both came! I volunteered in Erik's class, and signed Robs out of school early (HAPPY SPRING BREAK!) so we could go to the aquarium. On our way, I googled the place and realized the ticket prices were a little high (and we had more than two pirates who would have been just as happy at PetSmart) so we went to Farm Country. Aaaaand the pirates had the time of their lives. (Squísh told me later that Farm Country smells. Like animals.) But sometimes I swear the smell of animals reminds you you're alive. Em slept through almost all of it. The baby goats were intensely cute. So were the baby bunnies. And the sheep were bossy. The hay ride was a thrill-a-minute. But the barn with the toy conveyor belt stole the show. 

(But then, so did the peacock.) This bird had Squísh thinking he had at least one thousand eyes. (I'd love to see the world through her reality.)

We went home - and I left my pirates with my mom so I could run out and have pizza with six twelve year old girls. It was terribly fun. (The world through twelve year old eyes is pretty great as well.) And then when I crashed into bed very, very late - I realized HAPPY WEEKEND!

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  1. This week was absolutely too short! Spring Break just flew by. We braved the aquarium. It was packed but really cool! The prices were a little less amazing but they give you one "bounce back" pass per ticket so each ticket holder can come back once before August for free. That helped :)