Friday, April 4, 2014

It hailed for thirty minutes straight...

...and it was crazy. I picked Erikboy up from school. He walked to the car slowly, using his backpack as a shield and picking his way through the ice. He closed the doors and smiled. "I have never seen hail like that in my entire life." I told him I was just about to say the same thing.

"Really?" he asked, as we stood in the garage watching it come down, "...never in your entire life?"

And then he looked shocked because he's so good at things like that: making people (mostly me) feel interesting and such. 

But it was the truth. I'd never seen hail like that. Our windshield wipers were coated in white icy pellets. Our driveway was covered in at least one inch of the same, only slightly melted. And when Squísh looked out the back window, she told me the deck, the table, and the chairs were all telling the same story. It was crazy, and kind of awesome.

We watched the weather all afternoon. Our front window showed dark, gray turbulent clouds. Our kitchen window showed a spot of blue and to the left. But then the wind came, mixed it all up, and let the sun poke through. At one point Erikboy asked why the weather was so crazy. "Because it's Spring!" I said, and then we talked how this little month of April is chasing away winter, even though she isn't quite ready to leave.

It was stormy, and cozy, and it matched my thoughts. 

This week I've been grumpy and unsettled. There's things I want to change - but I can't yet, or I don't know how, or more than likely just haven't yet figured them out. But they're legitimate storms and they're blowing through my head. I'm getting tired of it though, and I wish I could replace them with chirping birds and flowers. 

But next week is Spring Break - and it's supposed to be nice weather. And even though it was cold and stormy, as soon as Robs got home she and Erikboy went outside to play in our hail covered neighborhood. 

They came in soaked, cold, and happy. 
So maybe I have two lessons to learn.


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