Thursday, April 3, 2014

Funny story...

Two days ago I was getting Em ready for a nap. Erikboy came upstairs. "Mom," he said. "I think I messed something up on your computer..." (He sounded so nervous and so honest... I stopped what I was doing.) "Well, remember that really cute picture of Em and her big eyes?" (He was thinking of this one.)

"I pressed a button... and now she's crying and there's a guy's arm right next to her."

I wanted to die laughing. I can only imagine what had been going through his head! And I can only imagine what it must be like to be his age right now! Almost anything you can dream can happen - and if it can't actually happen then put it in photoshop and you can probably make it look like it actually did... 

I explained how I took the happy picture - and then she got tired of the camera. Erikboy could relate - he gets tired of the camera real quick too. And then I explained it was his arm. (He'd come to snuggle her.) He was pretty relieved when he realized he hadn't accidentally done anything to Em's face. I love that boy.

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