Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!

In the past I haven't ever done much for April Fools - it tends to sneak up and then fly right past. But this year I saw a picture of meatloaf cupcakes... and I'd been looking for an excuse to make meatloaf. It had a domino effect... I couldn't stop. I stuffed our shoes with paper. I put Jell-O in the pirates' glasses. I topped the meatloaf with swirly, beautiful mashed potatoes, and Robs drew this incredibly real-looking fake spider that Steve bravely tried to squoosh...

The pirates loved being pranked! 

And then as I put the finishing touches on dinner Robs came downstairs dressed entirely in green. "April Fools, Mom! I'm an elf!"

We spent the day laughing. 
I adore my job.


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