Tuesday, January 28, 2014

teal bathrobes

On Saturday I went for a ten mile run. (Ten miles!) I was terribly slow, and my sisters had all the patience of saints as they ran two steps ahead - but it felt so good to be back. 

When I returned, I jumped into the Saturday that was already well on it's way. The pirates' coloring pictures were everywhere. Along with the legos, and evidence of finished chores.  We read books, ate lunch, made a grocery list - but the sun was bright and it was gorgeous... so I sent the pirates outside. "Pirates," I said, "Outside." (I'm reading a book on communication - and it claims that quite often one word is more effective with pirates than lots of words.) It worked well. They changed out of pajamas and into outdoor clothes, in only a very few minutes. (They made it to the great outdoors before I technically even knew what they were wearing.) I was convincing Em she needed sleep when I saw Robs tear down the street on her bike. I died laughing. Her brown hair was flying out from under a brown beanie. She had shades, blue sweatpants, sharkardarks, and a teal bathrobe from when she was approximately four. It was awesome.

I love that girl. 

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  1. Your song made me laugh and smile :) And I am INSANELY jealous you could go outside and run (and even more jealous that you could send your kids outside!!!!) Love the bathrobe. Oh, and I am also INSANELY impressed you ran 10 miles when your baby is like one month old?! You have singing AND running skillz!