Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oh my Squíshiroo...

Lately Erik has been grumpier than grumps. He's really having a hard time with Kindergarten - and it's starting to spill over into the rest of his life. It kills me. I wish I could read his mind...

But it's affecting Squísh too. She loves him terribly, and misses his usual happy, playful self. Yesterday, during a case of his grumps, he told her he wanted to play all by himself. I was in the other room, listening, but I stayed quiet to see what would happen. She started to whimper and act like she was going to cry, but came in and to tell me what happened. We talked about Erik being a bit grumpy, and she walked back into the other room. Only minutes later, Erik came in, trailing Squísh. She'd attached herself (semi-permanently) around his waist and was telling him just how much she loved him. 

(I don't think there's words for how much I adore our Squísh. She pulls faces. She makes us laugh. She plays, and plays, and plays. If I fix my hair, she tells me I'm beautiful. And if I don a new outift, she looks it over and tells me everything she loves about it. She kisses!... and before she goes in for one she gives warning by saying "Let's kiss. Ready? Set? Gooo!" And then she lays one on you. I die laughing almost every time. And the girl wears princess dresses as if they were normal attire. I love her. Amen.)

We'll get our usual Erikboy back... soon, I hope.


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