Monday, January 6, 2014

Speed Skating Time Trials

Last Thursday I heard through a grapevine (my sister's friend) that there were going to be Speed Skating Time Trials happening... in our very own Utah! Athletes from all over the United States would be competing for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team - and then head to Sochi for the Olympic Games.

I've never followed the sport, but to see Olympic athletes compete for only a couple dollars? It seemed too fun to pass up. We left Squísh with one of her two grandmas, (she's one lucky girl) five of her mini-princesses, and drove thirty minutes to the Olympic Oval.

We were late to pick up Steve's brother and his pirates, because Erikboy wasn't sure if he wanted to come. He wanted soft pants, and all he had was jeans - which put him in a bad mood. But once we got there he cheered up. As each set of skaters lined up at the start, he'd decide which skater he wanted to win (WHITE SLEEVES!!) and then cheer him on until the race finished. (I love him!)

From our seats we could see the athletes getting ready to go on the ice. I kept thinking about the time and hard work each athlete must have put in just to get to the event - only to have the race over in forty five seconds or less. Crazy! ...but they were crazy fast too. We could hear their skates cutting into the ice from our seats!

In the hour and a half we watched, we saw a bunch of races, two crashes, and two of the five male athletes that will be in the Sochi Olympics. It was a fun Saturday morning.

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  1. What a neat experience! And I laughed out loud at the soft pants - because my Miles is the same way!! He hates any pants that aren't comfy and can't just easily pull on and off. Kids!