Friday, January 3, 2014

friends, cookies, and goodbyes.

Robs had a friend over yesterday. Her dad happens to be one of Steve's oldest friends. (Old as in they've been friends since childhood, not as in ancient.) Last year they bought a house only a couple blocks away from ours - and we couldn't believe our luck! Their children's ages match up with our children's ages - and we love their family. 

(Steve saw these pictures and made a comment about how fast time goes. Because it was only a little bit ago that he and his friend were kids playing Lego's...)

But yesterday they were packing up for a move out of state. The girls played all morning: dolls, rollerblades, scooters, Lego's, dress-up, and coloring. When it was time to go, we packaged up a plate of cookies and the girls said goodbye. There were promises of letters, video-chats, and birthday cards ...It was all so sweet! We'll miss having good friends so close - but we're excited for the adventures they're bound to have!

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  1. Just getting a chance to catch up...and of course I had to check your blog first. It's pretty much the only one I regular.. I'm so glad the girls got to see each other before we left. Thank you for having her over! This change is still surreal; I can't believe we're actually in WA. We miss you guys and look forward to more of your updates!