Tuesday, January 7, 2014

moving to the beat

Yesterday as I was considering our dinner options, Robs was painting a sun-catcher at the table and Em was happily watching us from her bouncer. It was calm-ish (Erik and his ninja moves would pop in every couple minutes) - we had music playing in the background, and everything was going swimmingly... Until Squísh decided she wanted to paint a sun-catcher too. Perhaps she was a bit forward about the issue, but the issue got larger and larger as both pirates realized there was only one paintbrush. My Squísh is persistent. (It'll pay off at some point in her life, I'm sure.) But Robs knows just how handy a scream can be, so she let one loose. My persistent, three-years old, and-still-very-much-coping-with-a-new-baby Squísh: grabbed for her face. It mortified Robs. (The possibility of Squísh actually coming in contact with Robs' face was too much for her to handle at that very moment. And on top of that she could see Squísh was hellbent on painting a suncatcher, even if it meant she'd be re-painting Robs' current project...)

The whole situation was all very sudden - under sixty seconds, to be exact. But one of my new years resolutions is to not lose my cool. Ever. In any situation. (I make sure to take it one day at a time...)

I paused my dinner plans (the oven was preheating) and picked up my screaming Squísh. She started reaching for my face - but I reminded her of the truce we'd made that involved not grabbing my face. Luckily she remembered, and a peppy song started playing. We started swinging to the song just a bit. She was still pretty upset. I dipped her. She laughed something tiny. We spun. She laughed for real this time... and in under sixty seconds the whole situation was gone. 

Erik gave up ninja-ing and came in moving to the beat. (He dances mostly with his arms, but throws a couple spins in every now and then.) I put down Squísh, and picked up Erik. We spun and I saw Robs waiting in line. I picked up Robs for just a moment... 

...and right then I couldn't believe how fast time has flown. One day at a time.


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