Wednesday, January 8, 2014

here's to blogging...

Last night I went swimming with my sisters. The water was cold, and as we were getting ready to begin our workout we debated the best way to get in. Slowly? Or all at once? My sister Jenn argued slowly was better - because all at once was just too much to handle. I argued all at once - because slowly was much too painful and the shock of the cold water? Reminds you you're alive. (In the end we jumped in - one right after another. All at once is quicker - and we had only twenty eight minutes to finish a thirty minute workout.)

Today marks my one-thousandth post on this blog. And today I'm one thousand times grateful. Blogging has become a way of keeping record - from big things like birth stories, to little things like breakfast. And the honest truth? I sometimes peruse the blog to remember things I've forgotten. Life. Is. Amazing. All of it - the thousands of every-day, far-from-perfect details.

Here's to family. Here's to blogging. Here's to keeping record. And here's to at least a thousand more posts!


  1. I love your blog! I love your beautiful pictures! Here's to another 1000 posts! You've inspired me yet again!

  2. Yes! Hooray for blogging! I am often looking through the past years of my blog because I've forgotten something, or I'll half remember a story of one of the kids and can't remember the details so we'll come find it. Many people have given it up, but not the most awesome people - you know like you, me and Alyson :) I love your beautiful posts and pictures. And I love that picture of your sweet family.