Thursday, January 9, 2014

it's just snow fun

Yesterday it snowed a couple inches. I didn't even try shoveling the driveway until it stopped at four o' clock - but by that time I'd already driven across the snow on our driveway ten times and my tire tracks were practically concrete. After I dropped off Robs at piano, I went to shovel the driveway. Erikboy was wandering around our yard, loving life. Fresh from a snow angel, he asked if we could build a snow fort. So we shoveled the non-cemented snow into a giant pile next to the driveway, and he went to work. He built a cave on one side, a cave on the other side, but abandoned the fort idea and connected the two. After finishing the tunnel he admired his work, collapsed the whole thing by sitting on the top, and ninja-chopped the sides to make sure nothing remained. (He has mad ninja skills right now.)

Earlier in the day we'd been talking about summer versus winter. We remembered swimming, and jumping on the trampoline, and sprinklers... and all the warm outdoor fun we have during Utah's perfect summers. Towards the end of the conversation Erik was making plans for the coming summer, but in his prayer at dinner he specifically remembered to say how grateful he was for the snow - and how it makes everything fun. I love my Erikboy. 


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