Friday, January 10, 2014

counting to twenty

We're working real hard to have the pirates finish their homework right after school. Some days they don't mind it. Some days they're all for it, and some days it's as if I'm having them drink lemon juice concentrate. Straight. Most days it's somewhere in between at the beginning and more towards the lemon juice by the end. Robs' homework usually takes longer than Erik's - but on this day Erik had enough to fill the afternoon, and he was feeling impatient. His last task was to organize twenty numbers and it was the hardest thing he could ever imagine doing. 

It was one of those mothering moments - where you want to pat them on the head and say something like "Just you wait, son.... just you wait," but of course all that wisdom and life experience would take second place to the lemon juice he was currently having to swallow. So instead I took a picture - because I always want him to remember when the hardest homework he had to complete was counting to twenty. And I want him to remember he did it. 

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  1. My oldest boys tell Logan everyday how lucky he is that his homework is so "easy". I remind them that they didn't think it was so easy when they were his age. Ahhh…perspective. How do we live without it?? ;)