Wednesday, September 25, 2013

the very baste.

September is the most delightful month this year has seen. The weather is perfect. Quite literally. Think slightly breezy, with no trace of humidity, and temperatures no higher than eighty. (It must be documented... as we'll be freezing off our petucci's in less than two months.) But the weather right now makes it hard to find any reason to stay inside, or shut our windows, or do anything other than enjoy what we have right now. So we play baseball. And kickball. Or any other game we can come up with before the sun sets. Yesterday the pirates and company discovered our hill - and paired it with random, assorted riding toys. They went up and down, over and over, for the better part of an hour... cheering each other on as they spilled at the bottom. (Squísh had one spread-eagle spill that I vote was the very best.) 

(It was only one though... and she recovered pretty quick.) Moral of the story? I love watching my pirates be pirates. And I love good weather. I believe both come and go entirely too fast to let them slip by. 


  1. You're absolutely gorgeous! Your hair! I love it! Can't wait to see you in November!

  2. I die. Your kids are so cute. All of them :) and you a beautiful rockin mama.