Thursday, September 26, 2013

...he had us tricked for one second

Squísh and I take a walk every morning. We say goodbye to the pirates at school and keep walking until we get to the horses. We usually stop for a minute to say hello (to the gray one especially) and then Squísh narrates our way to the tunnel. She sees birds, and yellow flowers, and houses being built. Or trucks, and puppies, and "BIG TREES!" And then when we get to the tunnel we echo our way through. (The tunnel is her favorite part.)

This morning we saw a green leaf bug. He was sitting right in the middle of the tunnel. At first I thought he was a leaf - and our tire barely missed him. (I'm so glad it did. That would have been gross.) Squísh hopped out of the stroller to take a closer look, and then hopped right back in when he flew a couple feet away. (She told me she much prefers the horses.)

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