Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Picture Day!

Yesterday Robs and I rode home from school. On our way down the hill she told me about the "olden days" - where girls had to wear dresses all the time and they weren't allowed to ride bikes. And then she told me she was glad she didn't live in the olden days because she likes riding bikes, and really does not prefer dresses.

But this morning for Picture Day she insisted on wearing a dress, and then told me this would be the only time she'd ever wear a dress to school. Erikboy chose his blue t-shirt and a pair of jeans... and the sweatshirt that has cold (lined) arms. Right after the sweatshirt I found him in the hallway running in place - with only his arms. (He was warming his sleeves)

And Squísh did smile for her picture and it was adorable. (Lately she insists she's "NOT 'DORABLE!" so I didn't say a word...) But the whole staring into my soul picture with crazy hair was too great to pass. Happy Picture Day!

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  1. I need to be your neighbor immediately. So cute!