Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Last night Robs and I had a quiet conversation right before bed. It went like this: 

Me: Robs, what do you knooowww you do really well?
Robs: Drawing...
Me: (After agreeing emphatically) Whats something else?
Robs: Writing...
Me: (Agreed again.) And something else...?
Robs: Hugging.

I agreed wholeheartedly on that one too. The chickie is awesome at hugging - and always has been. She's awesome at letting people know they're loved too. (Which I think is a valuable skill.) But then we went on down the list: Reading, playing piano, being brave, running fast, riding bikes, riding bikes down hills, swimming, organizing things, making cute color combinations, playing... 

It was so fun to see her big blue eyes light up. I think I love having conversations like that. And even though it's sometimes terrifying to think of my pirates as growing up - I love watching them come into their own. 


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