Monday, September 9, 2013


Yesterday morning it was rainy. Rainy, slightly chilly, and perfect. (I've been waiting for cooler weather since May.) But rainy days are the best for coming up with games on the fly: and we came up with a good one. It started when Squísh found a blue flashing light, and Erikboy stole her dress-up skirt. (She'd been wearing it on her head.) But Erik is awfully fast these days, and Squísh really had no chance of catching him. So I helped her hide, and then baited him into coming closer. (He was giggling uncontrollably as he willingly took the bait.) As soon as he was close, she popped out with her little blue light, and then voilà... happy chaos. Squísh and I chased him around for a good twenty minutes - she'd hide, we'd bait him, she'd pop out, we'd chase. Repeat, repeat, repeat... Happy Chaos.


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