Friday, September 7, 2012


Robs rides her bike home from school everyday, and everyday when we hit the giant-hill-right-before-home she asks permission to cruise. I love that she asks... but part of me always wants to suggest that instead she snuggle herself right back into the stroller and stop growing so dern fast. I keep that part to myself, and let her cruise- all the while holding my  breath, crossing my fingers, and closing one eye. When she makes it to the bottom, both Erikboy and I celebrate. "See Mom!" he always says, "She's got it." And she does. So far she's only crashed once... but I hear that's all it really takes.

Erikboy, with all of his confidence, has crashed more times than I can count... but has almost nothing to show for the hard work. Yesterday, after skidding across the pavement with nary a scrape or cut, he brushed himself off and breezed past. I asked if he was okay. "Mom," he responded "I'm okay. I don't get hurt." (May his guardian angels stay only fourteen more years.)

And then yesterday I heard Robs laughing hysterically, and went downstairs to investigate. "Squish's eyes!" said Robs, "Mom! THEY'RE HILARIOUS!" ...and I'm positive they were. Squish, when left to be nothing else but herself, is positively humorous. She makes eyes, and pulls faces. She squeals and dances in place. She's calm when left alone and feisty when provoked... and we love her.

For months I've been trying to make our life feel settled- a way it hasn't felt for a very long time.  And then yesterday I took a look at our life through my lens, and realized: We are.

And I love it.

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  1. I think kids are tougher these days. Or maybe I was just the world's biggest chicken :)

    Here's to being settled :) You're doing a great job, mama.