Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chicago, Part One.

My sisters work at the BYU Bookstore. One lovely day, a lovely customer walked into their place of employment- and through casual conversation asked if either of them had ever heard of "The Twin Study." Neither of them had- until they googled it later in the day... and requested more information. The University of Chicago would pay for their hotel, their flight, and their taxi ride in exchange for up to eight hours of questions and tests: all they had to do was accept. So they did. My brother Dave offered his protective services, I offered to bring the travel toothbrushes, and before we knew it the four of us were in the heart of downtown Chicago. AND IT WAS FABULOUS. The lake is so close! The running trails go for miles! The buildings are tall! The boats are so charming! ...and THE SHOPPING! Our hotel, in the center of downtown, was conveniently located only blocks away from everything we could possibly want. On our first day we walked only two blocks before stumbling across Millenium Park. Another six blocks, and we found ourselves walking towards Shedd Aquarium. After exploring both the park and the Aquarium, we walked right past the Buckingham Fountain. We took the city by foot... and it was so. incredibly. fun.

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  1. That sounds amazing! I'm so glad y'all got to go together!