Sunday, August 26, 2012


Last week our Steph was in town. (We love our Steph.) Early last week we took a shopping trip- and Erikboy found something he could no longer live without. But the stars were not aligned and the item was nowhere on my list. "We'll think about it..." I said, as I went to put it back on the shelf. But then our Steph intervened, and placed the helmet in her cart: "Will you promise to wear it every time you ride you bike?" Erikboy's blue eyes lit up. (There was hope!) "Yes!" he responded. ...and he has.

...Only not just when he rides his bike. He wears it to pick up Robs from school. He wears it while jumping on the trampoline. He wears it during snacks. He dons the helmet as we hop in the car, and he's even worn it whilst eating frozen yogurt. Twice.

He loves the helmet, and I do too. (Thank you Steph!) He pops wheelies on the bike and jumps cracks on the scooter. He refuses to remove his training wheels, but doesn't let them slow him down on the hills or our neighbors skateboard ramps. His latest? Tokyo drifting on the driveway. It's literally the perfect pirate helmet. 


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