Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We found ourselves two new friends.

Originally they'd come looking for Sophie (who was riding bikes with us)- but stayed when we started talking about the raspberry tree right next to our fence. Looking at the raspberry tree lead to hopping sticks- which turned into long jump- which inevitably lead to running pell-mell down the hill only to discover a plum tree. And then since everyone was thirsty (running does that), I whupped up some deeeeelicious ice water while Robs got out a blanket and started (from the looks of it) a really great conversation. (I didn't dare go closer as it would have dashed that grand moment to smithereens.)


A little while later the Robs and the girls pell-melled right back to the plum tree- only this time with a bucket. The full bucket of plums needed water (for a good wash), paper towels (for a good shine), and a table (for that classic fruit stand appeal). Five cents a piece. After fifteen minutes and exactly zero customers I called Robs inside for dinner. Before saying goodbye I heard her making plans with the new girls for the next day: new friends, new plans, new plums. 


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