Monday, April 30, 2012

Foto Friday: Week 34

Once again... It's Foto Friday Monday. And the theme this week was terribly fun: "Something I Made." It's normally right up my alley... but Friday snuck up on me and filled itself to the brim before I could even turn on my computer.  Which makes today... Foto Monday.  

The something I made?  A mobile of fairies, pearls, and stars.  At first it was above Robs' bed, but now that she's on the top bunk, there's no room to hang it.  We moved it to Squish's room and placed it above the chair where we rock to sleep. I love it. 

I put up some stripes too. (Same way as before...)

Happy Foto Friday Monday.

Here's the other girls, in case you missed it: 


  1. I want striped walls! Where do you find colored paper? I can only find the clear stuff.

    1. has colored contact paper- for a price... But it looks like it'd be awesome.

      For now I stick with the white paper at Lowe's. :)